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your story.

Social Media  |  Website  |  Referral Networking

Social Media that resonates.

Your social media pages should be an authentic look at who you are and what you do. Consumers want to know WHO they are doing business with! But this takes time and creativity to curate a consistent collection of content for your audience. Let us tell your story and increase your reach in the community!

  • regular weekly posting

  • page management

  • advertising campaigns

  • detailed reporting

  • regular on-location content generation

Websites that deliver.

Your website is the place to tell your story, completely and beautifully. Viewers will either be impressed and take action, or they will leave continuing their search. This is your chance to convert your audience! Circle M builds and manages websites that are simple, modern, and clearly communicates your message.

  • personalized website building

  • search engine optimization

  • website management/updating

Referral generation that gets people talking.

The Circle M team can be your advocate, talking to the key people that will grow your businesses through direct referrals. 

  • regular monthly visits on behalf of your brand to drop off seasonal gifts & business generating materials 

  • custom gift basket building

  • detailed reporting on lead generation for your sales team to follow up on

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